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Plan Commission Minutes
Aug 28, 2017
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Date: 8/28/2017

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Schuh @ 7:10 PM

Attendance: Schuh, Georgenson, Klemm, Nuemann and Brisch were present. Teserik and Zube were absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by attendees.

Motion made by Brisch, seconded by Neumann, to approve the agenda as posted. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Neumann, seconded by Klemm, to approve the Minutes of the previous meeting of July 24, 2017 without changes. Motion carried with Brisch abstaining.

A review was conducted and input solicited regarding the application of Scott Schenian to obtain a variance to create a parcel of non-conforming size in an NA zoned district. The parcel size is expected to be 4 to 5 acres in size and located at 9025 CTH T, tax parcel number 007-018-007-001.00 consisting of the existing residence and other buildings. Mr Schenian was advised that if there was a need for additional highway access or driveway modification to access the remaining land, that jurisdiction belongs to the County Highway Dept. and not the Town. He stated that he would work out any access requirements with the other owners or land renters. There were no Town residents in attendance. There being no further questions on the matter; A motion was made by Brisch and seconded by Klemm to recommend approval of the variance to create a non-conforming parcel size of 4-5 acres in an N/A zoned district per the application.

Ayes: Neumann, Georgenson, Brisch, Klemm, and Schuh.         Nay: none

A recommendation to approve the variance will be forwarded to the Town Board and placed on the meeting agenda for September 5, 2017.

There being no other business to conduct a motion was made by Klemm and seconded by Brisch to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting at 7:20 PM. Motion carried unanimously.


Ralph Schuh

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