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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 06, 2017
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The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Kossuth was held in the Town Hall 129 Packer Drive, on Monday, February 6, 2017.  Agenda for this meeting was posted on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at the Town Hall, Recycling Center and St. Augustine Church.  Present:  Chair John Hutterer, Supervisors Jim Froelich and Ralph Schuh, Clerk Jolyn Schuh, Constable Lane Gosz and Treasurer Judy Fierst.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman John Hutterer.  The pledge of Allegiance was said.  Motion by Supervisor Schuh and second by Supervisor Froelich to approve the agenda as posted.

Clerk Schuh read the minutes of the January meeting.  Motion by Supervisor Froelich second by Supervisor Schuh to approve minutes as read.

Treasurer Judy Fierst reported $247,803.98 in the Money Market, with interest earned $207.56 and $538.71 in the checking account. Recycling Revenues to date are $3,035.00. The 2016 recycling total was $40,344.51   Motion by Supervisor Schuh and second by Supervisor Froelich to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.

Public Input – None

Building Permits – None

Driveway Permits – None

Ken Hutterer – why aren’t the land owners being paid for South Meier Rd?  It is a 2 rod road.  There are survey markers that are wider than they should be. The Board will go back out and review the measurements.  A survey was done a few years ago and pins were put in the center of the road. 

Operator’s License – Motion by Supervisor Froelich to approve operator’s license for Jesse Niemojuski and Kyra Pipkin, second by Supervisor Schuh.  Anna Handl is denied until she can produce a current operator’s license or certificate.

Road Report – sleet and freezing rain are predicted for this evening into tomorrow.  We have enough salt right now, and another load on hold.  There was a sign knocked down on Rockwood Rd/Stone Rd.  The Highway Department will be billing us for the repair and then we’ll have to send it into the insurance.

Transfer Station – tin cans may need hauling soon.

Constables Report – dog in yard and barking dogs – Wage Rd, loose dog on Polifka and Thunder, and goat & dog on Cty Rd Q

Claims 52 – 118 were allowed ordered paid.

Motion by Supervisor Schuh and seconded by Supervisor Froelich to adjourn the February meeting.

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