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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Apr 02, 2018
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The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Kossuth was held in the Town Hall 129 Packer Drive, on April, 2, 2018.  Agenda for this meeting was posted on Friday March 30, 2018 at the Town Hall, Recycling Center and St. Augustine Church.  Present:  Chair Ralph Schuh, Supervisor, Mark Grapentine, Clerk Jolyn Schuh, Treasurer Judy Fierst, and Constable Groelle Absent: Supervisor Propson.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ralph Schuh.  The pledge of Allegiance was said.  Motion by Supervisor Grapentine and second by Chairman Schuh to approve the agenda as posted.

Clerk Schuh read the minutes of the March meetings.  Motion by Supervisor Grapentine second by Chairman Schuh to approve minutes as read.

Treasurer Judy Fierst reported $324,243.28 in the Money Market, with interest earned $218.01 and $344.71 in the checking account. Recycling Revenues to date are $9,226.87.  Motion by Supervisor Grapentine and second by Chairman Schuh to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.

There was no public input.

Building Permits – None

Chairman Schuh will follow up with Burns at 4812 Hwy B whom we’ve been told did extensive remodeling and an addition without any permits.

Driveway Permits – None

Burn Permits – Gabe Vogel, Rockwood Rd; Holschbach Excavating, pit on Hwy 310; Jack Gulseth, Hwy B

Motion by Chairman Schuh to approve operator’s license for Steven Gruenke, on the condition a current certificate or license is provided second by Supervisor Grapentine.

Chairman Schuh appoints Shelly Randerson and Elizabeth Tienor as election poll workers.

Chairman Schuh appoints Ralph Schuh, Ron Zube, and Bruce Klemm to planning commission to a continued 3 year term.

Rezone request – Warren Ducat would like to remove 4.5 acres from natural area and move it to small estate.  Motion by Supervisor Grapentine to approve 4.5 acres on Rocky K Lane to be moved from natural to small estate, second by Chairman Schuh.

Warren Ducat has volunteered to be on the planning commission when he moves into the Town.

Last year at the Annual Meeting, the people approved a mileage reimbursement following IRS rules and amounts.  Chairman Schuh made a motion to make mileage a reimbursement, retroactive to January 1, 2018, second by Supervisor Grapentine

Chairman Schuh gave an update on the Phragmities grant for Manitowoc County and what they plan to do.

Road Report – Weight limit signs were put up.  Roads aren’t too bad, except for the hole on Berringer Rd.  With the snowstorm predicted tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see how the roads fare since they are heaved now with the frost coming out.

Transfer Station – motor on plastics wagon needs to be looked at.  We should gravel and grade the north and south end of the parking area. 

Constables Report – Busy month, dog Reif Mills, dog pick up, goat in a garage, look for dog on R, Polifka & T, collecting more junk and burned it. 

Shae Sortwell came before the Board.  He is running for the state assembly.

Claims 142 – 160 were allowed ordered paid.

Motion by Chairman Schuh and seconded by Supervisor Grapentine to adjourn the April meeting.

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