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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Aug 06, 2018
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The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Kossuth was held in the Town Hall 129 Packer Drive, on August 6, 2018.  Agenda for this meeting was posted on Friday August 3, 2018 at the Town Hall, Recycling Center and St. Augustine Church.  Present:  Chair Ralph Schuh, Supervisors David Propson & Mark Grapentine, Clerk Jolyn Schuh, Treasurer Judy Fierst, and Constable Travis Groelle

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ralph Schuh.  The pledge of Allegiance was said.  Motion by Supervisor Propson and second by Chairman Schuh to approve the agenda as posted.

Clerk Schuh read the minutes of the July meeting.  Motion by Supervisor Propson second by Supervisor Grapentine to approve minutes as read.

Treasurer Judy Fierst reported $152,862.21 in the Money Market, with interest earned $185.24 and $344.71 in the checking account. Recycling Revenues to date are $24,737.13.  Motion by Supervisor Propson and second by Supervisor Grapentine to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.

There was no public input. 

Kossuth National Cemetery #1 - Lot 14 was sold to Darlene Wellner for $250.00, she was just buried, died in January.  There are 2 trees that are dead and need to come down. Jim Lepich will get estimates and get back to chairman Schuh.

Building Permits –Wendy Smith, Cty Rd Q mobile home – Bob Schuh Cty K, remodel kitchen, Mike Rhein, Cty R shed (bare land, new address given).

Driveway Permits – None

Burn Permits – None

Motion by Supervisor Propson to approve an Operator’s License for Crystal Stein and Krystal Hedman, 2nd by Supervisor Grapentine.

Road Report – Center stripping of Reif Mills Rd should get done in the next couple of weeks by Calumet County. Fisherville Rd chip seal is completed, still needs shouldering.  Ditching request on Thunder Rd, not worth the effort at this time.  North end of Poplar Rd needs ditching.  Not emergency, but something to keep on our list.  Culvert on Polifka Rd was blacktopped last week.  Holschbach was working for them and their paving machine broke down, so they dumped blacktop on it, but did not do a very professional job.  They will be redoing the work.  Shouldering on Rockwood Rd is not done yet either, but should be soon.

Transfer Station –  Security System is being sent back.  They sent the wrong DVR.  Wall on the west side/compactor side is all rotted out.

Constables Report – Dog found, think it was dropped – Q & Shoto Rd, dogs were out, killed a bunch of birds – Q & Shoto Rd, dogs not fed/watered complaint.  Went every day for a week before and after work to verify that they were being fed and watered.

Claims 260 – 280 were allowed ordered paid.

Next meeting will be on Monday September 10th.

Motion by Supervisor Propson and seconded by Supervisor Grapentine to adjourn the August meeting.


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