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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jun 04, 2018
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The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Kossuth was held in the Town Hall 129 Packer Drive, on June 4, 2018.  Agenda for this meeting was posted on Friday June 1, 2018 at the Town Hall, Recycling Center and St. Augustine Church.  Present:  Chair Ralph Schuh, Supervisor, Mark Grapentine, Supervisor David Propson, Clerk Jolyn Schuh, Treasurer Judy Fierst, and Constable Travis Groelle

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ralph Schuh.  The pledge of Allegiance was said.  Motion by Supervisor Propson and second by Supervisor Grapentine to approve the agenda as posted.

Clerk Schuh read the minutes of the May meeting.  Motion by Supervisor Propson second by Supervisor Grapentine to approve minutes as read.

Treasurer Judy Fierst reported $323,526.45 in the Money Market, with interest earned $276.70 and $344.71 in the checking account. Recycling Revenues to date are $15,833.49.  $1,152 collected last weekend.  Motion by Supervisor Propson and second by Supervisor Grapentine to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.

There was no public input.

Building Permits – David Propson, Shed – H&H Dairy, addition to shed – Tad Rauber, house, garage, and got house number – Roger Hegel Shed, Shoto Rd.

Driveway Permits – Kurt Trippler, needs to pay yet

Burn Permits – John Schmit Beagle Lane, David Meneau, Cty K, Hwy Dept, Noell Krueger, Hillside Lane.

Motion by Supervisor Propson to renew Liquor License for Mobil 310 Mart, Palace of Reif Mills, and Bonkers, Second by Supervisor Grapentine.

Motion by Supervisor Propson to renew Cigarette License for Mobil 310 Mart, Second by Supervisor Grapentine.

Motion by Supervisor Propson to renew Operators License’s as listed on the agenda, second by Supervisor Grapentine. William Mamerow, John Engstrom, Travis Engstrom, Doris Lawrenz, Denise Cronk, Theresa Paral, Richard VanGheem, Ken Fees, Amanda Casey, Patricia Newberry, Suzanne Stoltzman, Annette Lyon, Steve Thielbar, James Sanford, Dennis Musil, Robert Mehorczyk, James Koch, Lyle Habeck, Ryan Brahmstadt, Crystal Suchocki

Road Report – Mtwc County Highway will do the large patching as time permits and they get around to it. Culvert was replaced on Polifka Rd.

Resurfacing Bid received from Northeast Asphalt for Reif Mills Rd. $151,340.00 no other bids received.

Crack Filling Bids – Crack Filling Service only bid received.  Polifka Rd - $7,500 – Arrow Rd $9,000 – East Shore Rd $13,000

Chip Sealing Bids – Scott Construction only bid received. Thunder Rd - $18,841 – Wage Rd - $18,841.

Quote for Elm Lane from Holschbach for $8,520, but we know we can’t afford that anymore this year.

Fishersville Rd – our ½ shouldering and misc repair on sink holes from Scott was $39,450.

Motion by Supervisor Propson to accept the bids as follows:  NEA $151,000 for Reif Mills Rd, ½ Fishersville Rd from Scott for $39,450, East Shore Rd 1-mile crack filling $13,000 and gravel from Holschbach, $8,000 for Stone Rd, second by Supervisor Grapentine.

Transfer Station –  dropped off materials to re-do the caretakers shed, plywood has been dropped off to repair glass bin.  Tires can be dropped off all year now, so we don’t have to wait until we have a mountain of them to get rid of them. 

Motion by Supervisor Propson to purchase a surveillance system and signs instead of fixing the gates, for not more than $1000, second by Supervisor Grapentine.

Constables Report – complaints of care of dogs located on Q, Dog chasing people on the Berringer Rd.

June 14th, 6:30 meeting for liquor license.

July 10th, 7pm for July monthly meeting

Mishicot Ambulance – The received a grant for $30,000 from West Foundation.

Claims 194 – 225 were allowed ordered paid.

Motion by Supervisor Propson and seconded by Supervisor Grapentine to adjourn the June meeting.

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