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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Sep 10, 2018
PDF Version: 56326_2018-Sep-10_Town Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Kossuth was held in the Town Hall 129 Packer Drive, on September 10, 2018.  Agenda for this meeting was posted on Saturday September 8, 2018 at the Town Hall, Recycling Center and St. Augustine Church.  Present:  Chair Ralph Schuh, Supervisors David Propson & Mark Grapentine, Clerk Jolyn Schuh, and Treasurer Judy Fierst

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ralph Schuh.  The pledge of Allegiance was said.  Motion by Supervisor Propson and second by Supervisor Grapentine to approve the agenda as posted.

Clerk Schuh read the minutes of the August meeting.  Motion by Supervisor Propson second by Supervisor Grapentine to approve minutes as read.

Treasurer Judy Fierst reported $226,080.39 in the Money Market, with interest earned $144.98 and $344.71 in the checking account. Recycling Revenues to date are $28,130.63.  Motion by Supervisor Propson and second by Supervisor Grapentine to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.

There was no public input. 

Building Permits – Erin Russell, Gravel Lane New House – Jill Ney, section 10 (cty R) no town permit, but got set-backs for an ag storage shed - Bob Kortens got a set-back for addition to an existing building – Bonkers did some improvements without permits.  We will contact them.

Driveway Permits – None

Burn Permits – Ron Basken, Tim Kortens, Paul Hutterer

Motion by Supervisor Propson to approve a Picnic License for Rockwood Fire Department for their Annual Fish Bowl to be held October 12th, 2nd by Supervisor Grapentine.

Motion by Supervisor Propson to approve an Operator’s License for Becky Lambert, Tamara Engstrom, and Michelle Arndt (condition Arndt’s application gets notarized) 2nd by Supervisor Grapentine.

Road Report – Patch on Polifka Rd was redone, shouldering on Rockwood Rd is complete, but was more expensive because more material was used and a manhole cover was hit.  Holschbach to grade gravel roads.  Center stripping on Reif Mills has not been completed.  We will follow up with them.  Grass cutting will probably finish up this week.  Shouldering on Fisherville Rd is not complete.  Gibson has run out of money and so have we, so we’ll see if we postpone until next year.

Transfer Station –  Security system has been put in and is now working.  We’ve already caught 2 individuals dumping outside of hours.  Shed repairs are coming along.  Plastic was hauled last week.  Tires will probably be hauled next week. 

Properties on Cty K – They had hearings set with pending court dates. One is showing activity and the other is not.

Constables Report – Heifers on Reif Mills Rd

Mishicot Ambulance Life Packs they are buying, $30,000 from Mtwc, 1/5 of $10,000 we will share. Raising .50 per person going up to 3.50 in 2020 and then $4.00 2021 per capita, first raise since 2013.  $16.66

Claims 281 – 318 were allowed ordered paid.

Motion by Supervisor Propson and seconded by Supervisor Grapentine to adjourn the September meeting.

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